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The City That Never Sleeps


  • Sustainability at the office?

    This is how you can be sustainable at work. Start by reducing the papers, with technology, we can our documents and notes as softcopy. This will reduce the amount of trees to be cut down in order to make paper. Recycling in the office is another way to be sustainable. Plastics, paper, and other recyclable…

  • sustainable industries

    These industries support the need for environmental protection and at the same time promote economic growth. They are referred to as green industries. Green industries try to minimize their umpacts on the environment by waste reduction, conservation of resources, and use of clean energy. Sustainable industries try to reverse the effects made by industries such…

  • Truth untold

    A girl was born,so cute so dark the perfect imperfection.She was kind and innocent. To her, everything was black and white,good or evil with no grey lines. Heart so pure she thought everyone was the same. Cruelty revealed itself. It was ugly. Too scared and afraid, her only solution was shedding tears, she still does.…

  • Nature feels…

    Every time I am outside, I connect with nature. There is a feeling that comes with it. Like I am part of it. The trees, birds ,wind, everything in nature just happen.A peaceful place where your worries disappear and the only thing you can think of is what is in front of you at that…

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